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Meet the Team

Managing Partners

Lincoln Archibald - Chief Investment Officer

Lincoln Archibald

Managing Partner | Chief Investment Officer

As CFO at Fund Launch, Lincoln has played a critical executive role in product development, financial strategy, and management- leading the company to gross more than $15 million over the past 2.5 years.
As a partner on multiple funds, and Functioning as a Fund Consultant, Lincoln has coached and advised emerging asset managers on more than $2 Billion raised in the past few years across the alternatives landscape (VC, PE, RE, HF). Lincoln has not only been able to help hundreds of emerging fund managers, but observe the intricacies of sound fund management and truly learn what is required to be a successful steward of investor capital.
With prior career experience from JP Morgan, venture capital impact investing & real estate development, Lincoln brings a strong analytical and financial background to the team.
Bridger Pennington - Managing Director of Black Bridge Capital LLC

Bridger Pennington

Managing Partner

Bridger is the Co-founder of Fund Launch, a company dedicated to democratizing the world of funds. He is leading a community of 20,000+ entrepreneurs & investors. In addition to being the CEO of Fund Launch, Bridger is currently running a $10M Crypto Hedge Fund, Ugly Unicorn.
Bridger is formerly the Founder and Managing Director of Black Bridge Capital LLC and General Partner of the Bridge Grow Funds.

Operating Partners

private equity & finance operating partner - Adam Campbell

Adam Campbell

Operating Partner

Adam W. Campbell, CPA brings over 20 years of experience in accounting, finance, and business intelligence including 5+ years in family offices and 10+ years of work in PE backed real estate companies focused on multi-family, commercial, debt and seniors housing developments. He was a founding employee for a real estate fund in Salt Lake City, UT that managed over $5 Billion of AUM. He has played key roles in scaling accounting & finance departments from the ground up in privately held and VC/PE backed operating companies. Adam also has extensive experience transportation, waste management, hospitality, industrial mining, and new venture finance industries.
In addition to his professional background, Adam is the Alumni Chairman of the Undergraduate Engagement program at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business that helps over 1,200+ new incoming students annually to define, align and refine their education goals into future careers. He is licensed CPA in Utah and a regular mentor and judge of the Opportunity Quest and Utah Entrepreneur Challenge. Adam received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Accounting from the University of Utah and he completed post graduate studies in Business Analytics from the Harvard School of Business.
Operating Partner - Vu Tran

Vu Tran

Operating Partner

Vu Tran is specialized in raising money, closing deals, and building your personal brand by using his 8-fundamental propriety disciplines. Vu has been an IFS specialty coach for over a year specializing in pitching and framing your deals to raise even more money. He has nearly 10 years of experience in the US Marine Corps specializing in logistics, supply chain management, forecasting, Lean Six Sigma, and intelligence. Using his experience, he has built a successful 8-figure real estate portfolio, restaurant portfolio, and continues to invest and grow start-ups and other businesses. Vu is a global speaker and business coach, speaking on topics of real estate, raising money, business strategies, leadership development, and the spirit of entrepreneurship. His success is credited to his immigrant Mother and Father. He has dedicated his life to add value to others to create even more success stories like himself. transportation, waste management, hospitality, industrial mining, and new venture finance industries.
Business Associate - Tanner Reilly

Tanner Reilly

Business Associate

Growth Equity Investment Analyst - Mckay Mangeris

Mckay Mangeris

Investment Analyst